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  • Jimjar

    His behavior is unusual for the usually dour deep gnomes, and others of his kind (and everyone else, for that matter) find Jimjar annoying at best and unstable and potentially mad at worst.

  • Ront

    Ront fled from a battle with the dwarves of Citadel Adbar, fell down a shaft, and wandered the Underdark before being captured by the drow. He's ashamed of his cowardice and believes that Gruumsh is punishing him. But he doesn't want to die -- or at least …

  • Stool

    Stool is lonely and frightened, and only wants to return to its home in Neverlight Grove. Befriended by the characters, he gladly offers to guide them to its home, promising them sanctuary with its folk.

  • Shuushar

    The kuo-toa are known to any folk who've heard of them as completely insane humanoid fish. They were enslaved for centuries by mind flayers, whose brutal psychic subjugation shattered their minds. Shuushar seems the complete opposite of everything …

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